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Do you have a great idea for a project related to Organ & Blood Donation? Let us know what it is and we could give you up to $500 to make it happen.


Here are examples of other ideas we liked.


Organize a blood drive.
Have a blood drive at your school. Make sure to buy snacks and juices for those who donated.
Have a bone marrow donor drive.
Ask around—chances are you or your friends know someone who's been affected by Leukemia but hasn't yet found a bone marrow donor. Email us and we'll share with you how our friends used social media to register roughly 30,000 people into the national bone marrow donor database in roughly 4 months.
Organize an organ donor registration drive.
Becoming an organ donor in most states is really easy—it just takes signing the back of your driver's license. Find out the requirements in your state and try to register at least 100 people.
Collect games and donate them to transplant patients.
Hold a game drive. Gift games to children that have just received transplants and must stay in the hospital for long lengths of time. Think of what you would want to do if you were cooped up in a room all day.



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To apply for a grant, simply tell us about your great idea in 5000 characters or less. Be sure to summarize your idea, how it will involve others, who it will help, what effect you expect to have, when you want to start and how you expect to spend the money you're requesting.


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Grant requests are reviewed and responded to on a monthly basis.


Did You Know

  • Over 95,000 US patients are currently waiting for an organ transplant.
  • Nearly 4,000 new patients are added to the transplant waiting list each month.
  • 1 out of every 10 people admitted to the hospital needs blood.

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