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Learn about the disease
The more you know about HIV, the more you can do to protect yourself. You can find information on the CDC's site at: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv
Encourage your friends to get tested
Taking an HIV test lets someone know if they have the virus. This prevents them from unknowingly spreading the disease to others if they are HIV positive. Testing centers can be found through the HIVtest.org site maintained by the government’s Center for Disease Control.
Encourage your sexually active friends to be smart
Abstinence is the best protection... followed by taking on the responsibility to have open and honest conversations about the risks associated with sexual activity. Anyone who is going to have sex should first get tested and make sure their partner gets tested, share the test results with each other, and practice safe sex.

[Note: This is sure to be a highly charged topic. Parents should know that this site does not endorse, nor promote, the idea that teens should be having sex. We are simply repeating the recommendations found on any health site that discusses this topic and feel that to not do so would be irresponsible.]
Participate in activities that benefit research, treatment or prevention
There are many AIDS walks/runs/bikes/triathlons that raise awareness and money for HIV/AIDS research, treatment or prevention.
Organize your own HIV/AIDS awareness activity or fundraiser
Big change starts at the grassroots level. Invite some friends to a dinner party and talk about the state of HIV/AIDS in the US and beyond. Discuss how you can help. Then ask them to repeat the process with their friends.
Request more research
Write a letter or send an email to your congressman to request more HIV/AIDS prevention and research funding. Find your congressional representatives through these links:
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Did You Know

  • 7,500 people a day are infected with HIV.
  • Roughly 2/3 of the people who have died from AIDS did not live to be 45.
  • Roughly 500,000 people in the US are believed to have AIDS.

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