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Do you have a great idea for a project related to Recycling? Let us know what it is and we could give you up to $500 to make it happen.


Here are examples of other ideas we liked.


Learn and teach others about recycling issues in your town.
Organize field trips to your local landfills/recycling centers. Capture the event on video and post a short video presentation on YouTube about what you learned and/or create a presentation you can take to local schools to promote responsible care of the environment.
Coordinate recycling services for large groups of people.
Buy recycling bins or compartmentalized trash cans for your school or community group. Find out whether you can sell your school's recyclables to your recycling center rather than letting the waste hauler simply take them away. You'll keep a bunch of trash from the landfill and you may just find an income stream for one of your school clubs. After you've successfully launched in one location, expand to others.
Organize a community garage sale.
Work with your school or local community association (i.e. club, church, etc.) to host a really, really, big community garage sale to encourage people to consider reusing goods rather than sending them straight to landfills.
Run a computer drive.
Bring all your old computers to school—have volunteers clear their hard drives and get them into working order. Then donate them to local elementary schools and social service agencies that can hand them out to families in need.



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Did You Know

  • Americans send over 800 trillion pounds of trash to landfills each year – most of which could be recycled.
  • 1,000,000 sea creatures are killed each year by plastic bags and garbage.
  • Every Sunday 500,000 trees could be saved if everyone recycled their newspapers.

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