Environment - Land Preservation

Simple Actions You Can Take



These simple ideas can make a BIG difference. Take just 60 seconds to check, and submit the simple things you can do and we'll report back on the combined difference everyone is making.


Put litter in its place
On a small scale, commit to doing your part. To have a bigger impact, organize a park or neighborhood clean-up.
Use less paper to save trees:
  • Use junk mail for scratch paper
  • Use a lunch box instead of paper bags
Compost to make mulch
Composting keeps food and plant material out of landfills and mulch revitalizes land.
Landscaping beautifies the land and helps prevent soil erosion.
Use nontoxic cleaning supplies
Using nontoxic cleaners keeps toxins out of the water supply.
Become an advocate for land preservation
Joining a land preservation group strengthens their credibility with politicians.
Grow your own vegetables
Grow your own food naturally without the use of pesticides found in store produce.
Join a community garden
Learn about gardening from master gardeners, make friends and grow your own food.
Request and purchase organic produce at the grocery store
Organic produce is grown using responsible farming practices to preserve the farmland.
We want your ideas - tell us another way to help.
We'll feature the best ideas on the site.
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Did You Know

  • Rainforests once covered 14% of the earths' land. Now they cover only 6% and could disappear entirely.
  • It is common for much of the produce you buy to contain more than 40 pesticides.
  • The US has lost half of its topsoil in the last 50 years.

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