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These simple ideas can make a BIG difference. Take just 60 seconds to check, and submit the simple things you can do and we'll report back on the combined difference everyone is making.


Learn about the homeless experience
Visit your local shelter, read a book or watch a movie about being homeless (e.g. The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner).
Adopt a family during the holidays
Buy groceries or toys in advance of the big holidays and deliver them when the time is right.
Ask your friends to support a charity that benefits people in need
Ask your friends and family to donate to a homeless shelter in your name instead of getting presents for your birthday this year.
Sponsor a needy child in a developing country
There are many organizations that let you contribute to the well-being of children in developing countries. World Vision is one of the most well known.
Donate to a homeless shelter
Homeless shelters and/or programs like the Salvation Army can put many household items to good use. Consider donating clothes, toys, household goods, food or even the toiletries you pick up when staying in hotels.
Hold a fundraiser to benefit a charity that helps the homeless
Organizing people is easy. Let them know you want to host an event to benefit a local nonprofit. See if you can arrange for everyone to take a tour then hold your event. Ideas include: a bake sale, a bowling tournament, a movie screening or even a neighborhood garage sale.
Take a volunteer vacation
Spend your family vacation with Habitat for Humanity. Approximately 90% of the labor to build a Habitat for Humanity home is done by volunteers. See Habitat's current volunteer opportunitites here.
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Did You Know

  • More than 2 million Americans are homeless at some point each year.
  • 23% of the homeless are under 18 years old.
  • Roughly 45% of the nation's homeless are unsheltered.

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