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Grant Ideas


Do you have a great idea for a project related to Homelessness & Poverty? Let us know what it is and we could give you up to $500 to make it happen.


Here are examples of other ideas we liked.


Organize a food drive.
Food drives can be run with very little overhead but they take a good deal of planning. Contact us and we can supply your school with kits to help you run an awesome food drive.
Organize a clothing and/or backpack drive.
The homeless rarely have access to changes of clothes and toiletries of their own. A few years ago, cities started providing the homeless with these things in small backpacks so that they could carry their belongings with them. Organize a backpack drive following this model: http://povertyworlddevelopment.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_run_a_backpack_drive
Create a program to make scarves, hats, gloves and blankets for the homeless.
Arrange for help from middle schools and/or community groups. Buy all the necessary materials. Decide on a few simple patterns. Then involve your community in cutting, sewing, and tying warm polar fleece to make hats, scarves, and blankets. Distribute your items through one of the shelters in your town and promote the program to the media to raise awareness.
Arrange a community day to provide services to the homeless.
The homeless often need a wide range of services but don't know where they can obtain the services. San Francisco has a great program called Project Homeless Connect (http://www.projecthomelessconnect.com) that helps to bring the services to the homeless a couple of times each year. Review their model and then work with local businesses, nonprofits, and individual community members to help the homeless.



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To apply for a grant, simply tell us about your great idea in 5000 characters or less. Be sure to summarize your idea, how it will involve others, who it will help, what effect you expect to have, when you want to start and how you expect to spend the money you're requesting.


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Grant requests are reviewed and responded to on a monthly basis.


Did You Know

  • More than 2 million Americans are homeless at some point each year.
  • 23% of the homeless are under 18 years old.
  • Roughly 45% of the nation's homeless are unsheltered.

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