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Let children pick their own toys
When babysitting or watching children don't give them a toy that is gender specific. Allow the child to choose their own toy so you are not making assumptions solely based upon their gender. For example, don't give a little girl a doll and a boy a truck. Wait for them to choose what they want to play with.
Be encouraging and supportive of everyone's choices
Be supportive of girls and boys who try activities normally associated with the other gender (i.e. sports, majors, careers, etc.).
Be willing to speak up
Belittling women through jokes, critical comments—and portraying them as objects (in videos)—is not ok. Help the people who do these things recognize that what they're doing hurts others by letting them know "it's not funny" and/or not buying their work if they're music artists.
Include everyone in decision-making
Some people have a tendency to include only people like themselves in decision-making. You'll get a better end result if you brainstorm with, and incorporate the suggestions of, a broad range of people.
Start a girls' club at your school
Unfortunately, we still live in a society where there are stereotypical roles for women that can keep them from taking on opportunities available to men. There are many groups that run school clubs for girls to help them see past these stereotypes, understand their potential, and encourage them to pursue whatever interests them (e.g. Girls for a Change). Find one you like and start a club on our campus.
Give your support to local women's charities
Most communities have women's shelters, safe houses, childcare centers, etc. that help women facing the issues of being abused in relationships or the challenges of being a single parent. Supporting these organizations can make a huge difference in the lives of people in your community.
Support international efforts to help women affected by war
Women for Women http://www.womenforwomen.org/ helps women in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives.
Help women in developing countries start a business
Kiva is a leader in the micro-finance movement. Find a woman on www.kiva.org in a developing country and loan just a small amount that can help her start a business and become financially independent.
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Did You Know

  • Girls represent nearly 60% of the children not in school.
  • Every 9 seconds a woman is battered by her domestic partner.
  • Only 13 (of 180) countries in the world have elected women heads of state or government.

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