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These simple ideas can make a BIG difference. Take just 60 seconds to check, and submit the simple things you can do and we'll report back on the combined difference everyone is making.


Learn about financial issues
Explore our financial information site to learn about financial topics in more depth.
Create a budget and stick to it
Download this document to help you think through your financial needs and objectives and how you can earn and save enough money to reach them.
Learn about finance through games
Learn about financial issues by playing games on the WaysToHelp games page.
Buy only what you need
Try to go an entire day or week without spending money on anything other than necessities (i.e. food, etc.). This will help train you to recognize all the things you buy that you don't really need.
Save 15–50% of your income each month
Saving as much of your earnings as possible will put you on your way to having a down payment on a condo or maybe even a house in a few years.
Use your local library
The library is a great resource that is often overlooked. You can borrow books, CDs and movies for free.
Help someone rather than buying gifts
Make coupon books for your friends' and family members' birthdays (or for special holidays). Make coupons to help with house projects, mow the lawn, give guitar lessons, help with the computer, etc.
Know your telephone and cell phone plans!
Call your mobile carrier and they'll help you figure out where you're spending money unnecessarily to help you reduce your bills.
You can use the internet to figure out how to do almost anything yourself without spending a cent. http://www.ehow.com/
Start your own business
Think about your skills then offer them to other people—for a fee. For example, if you're good with computers, you could set up people's computers and/or teach them how to use specific programs. If you like being outdoors, you could mow people's lawns and/or shovel snow. If you like children, start a babysitting service.
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Did You Know

  • 52% of employees live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Nearly half of American households have less than $5,000 in liquid assets.
  • More than 1,000,000 families are expected to enter foreclosure in the coming year.

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