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These simple ideas can make a BIG difference. Take just 60 seconds to check, and submit the simple things you can do and we'll report back on the combined difference everyone is making.


Read to, and with, a young child regularly (i.e. once a week) or start a book
Learn how to start a book club for children. Click here to learn how.
Tutor or mentor a child
Offer to teach a skill like cooking, sewing, computers, photography, or writing to a child interested in your ability. Or help them with a school subject like math, English, art, or music.
Organize sports in your neighborhood
Starting an informal sports league with games every few days is a great way for kids to stay active while they learn about rules, teamwork and sportsmanship.
Visit art exhibits and museums
Grab some friends, visit galleries, and learn about art. Most universities have free galleries and most public museums have at least one free day a month.
Donate used books
Budgets for public education support services, like schools and libraries, are under pressure if not being cut dramatically. Contribute to these services and you'll likely be helping hundreds of children over the years.
Donate household items to a preschool
Find a local preschool and ask what household items you can donate for art and play projects.
Donate props to your local theater
Find your local theater and donate clothes, hats, or props that might be useful for upcoming plays.
Sponsor a school project
DonorsChoose.com is a great site to help children develop contributing small amounts to fund classroom projects.
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Did You Know

  • Children who haven't learned good reading skills when they enter school are 3–4 times more likely to drop out in later years.
  • Children who have a poor start in life are more likely to develop learning, behavioral or emotional problems.
  • 68% of US state prison inmates are dropouts.

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