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Know how to contact the police
Not every call to the police is an emergency. Preventing crime relies on communicating information about suspicious activity to people who can do something about it. Add the non-emergency number for the police into your phone.
Take a personal safety class
Learn to be aware of your surroundings, carry yourself with confidence, avoid bad situations and defend yourself (if necessary).
Keep valuables out of site
Thieves are more likely to rob you if they know they're going to get something of value. So be sure to keep valuables out of site from home and/or car windows (including your change for parking) and don't flash your cash when you're out shopping.
Report suspicious activity to the police
Be prepared to give a good description of the people and activities you saw.
Learn to recognize the signs of teen dating violence
Learn how to talk about and prevent teen dating violence by clicking here.
Learn about crime in your area
Call your local police and ask where you can learn about local crime statistics and how you can make a difference.
Bring the community together
Get to know all your neighbors and agree to watch out for each other. Better yet, organize a "Take Back the Night" block-party complete with food, games, and music.
Start a neighborhood watch program
Contact your local police department for instructions.
Be an advocate for community change
If there are places in your city that are poorly lit, that drug dealers frequent, or that need more police patrols, attend your city council meetings with others who share your concerns and ask for improvements to be made.
Protect yourself from identity theft
Shred any papers that contain account numbers, your name, social security number, or passwords. Click here to learn more.
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Did You Know

  • Roughly 15% of all US arrests are of people under 18.
  • Over 90,000 rapes occur in the US each year.
  • America spends more than $8B a year to clean up graffiti.

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