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Do you have a great idea for a project related to Crime Prevention? Let us know what it is and we could give you up to $500 to make it happen.


Here are examples of other ideas we liked.


Develop an anti-gang presentation for kids in middle school.
Reach kids before they join gangs. Help them compare and contrast the risks associated with joining a gang to the benefits of staying in school and pursuing an education. Consider inviting former gang members as guest speakers. Encourage the kids to watch out for each other and join after school programs/clubs where they can pick up additional useful skills.
Develop and/or hold communications classes.
Knowing how to avoid and resolve conflicts is a great way to avoid arguments and trouble with others. Develop and hold a class on communication and cooperation. Consider running a Challenge Day presentation at your school.
Start an after school program for kids.
Create an after school program for middle school and/or high school students that will keep them active enough that they won't have time for gangs. Consider: art, music, video production, gaming, sports, politics, cooking, writing, volunteering, business, etc.
Build community.
Get to know your neighbors and agree to watch out for each other. Build community by arranging for a neighborhood block party, "Take Back the Night" event, or starting a neighborhood watch group.



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Grant requests are reviewed and responded to on a monthly basis.


Did You Know

  • Roughly 15% of all US arrests are of people under 18.
  • Over 90,000 rapes occur in the US each year.
  • America spends more than $8B a year to clean up graffiti.

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