WaysToHelp.org GRANTS


What's your issue?  What's important to you?
Do you see something wrong and want to fix it?  


Today's issues are a reflection of decisions we've made in the past.
Tomorrow's world will be a reflection of our decisions – and your leadership – today. 


Being a leader starts with having an idea – a vision for how things should be –
followed by the willingness to take action and inspire others to make a collective impact. 


 So take action, tell us your ideas, apply for a grant and
use your vision to inspire your friends and others to work with you


Be a leader!  Change the world!!


Select your issue here to apply for a grant:

Please read the Grant Guidelines below.



Our grant application process is competitive and, unfortunately, we can't award grants to everyone.
We like youth projects where the applicants are passionate about their issue,
showing creativity and working to have a BIG impact.


So, to help increase your chances of being awarded a grant, we've created the following guidelines.

Please only submit an application if your project meets all of our guidelines.

  1. Applicants must be no older than 19 years old on the day that they apply.

  2. It's ok for the applicant(s) to work with others to develop and implement their ideas (in fact, its encouraged), but the original idea for the initiative must have been youth-initiated and must be youth-led.

  3. In other words, we would consider funding projects thought of by a teen where the teen secures the help of a local service organization run by adults to implement the idea, but we would not fund an idea where a local service organization run by adults comes up with an idea, enrolls teens to help apply for grants and then leads the program utilizing teen volunteers.

  4. We will primarily fund ideas associated with our 16 issue areas but we will also occasionally fund projects outside of those areas so feel free to apply with other great ideas.

  5. Guidelines for single events and ongoing programs:

  6. Single Events On-going Programs
    • should involve 20+ volunteers and 100+ in attendance
    • purposes can be to educate, fundraise, promote, register/enroll
    • fundraisers should expect to raise at least 5x the amount of project funding requested from all sources combined
    • the event is expected to have long-term benefits
    • should involve 5+ volunteers and 20+ beneficiaries
    • we will help provide initial program funding – not funds for continued operations
    • the program must show a path to becoming self sustaining (through regular donations, event admissions, fundraising, program fees charged, etc...)
    • the program should be expected to continue for a semester or more
    • grants can be used to fund reusable equipment


  7. A post-funding synopsis (including photos) will be required of all grantees.